Payment deposit

Balance to the moment of the arrival.

Final cleaning

Available laundry to application to payment.

Bed for children to application free.

Water-light-gas in the summer period inclusive in the thin price to a max of general     consumptions of Euro 20 to two weeks, in winter they are paid to consumption

Entry allowed the only bicycles and motor mopeds extinguished 

Schedules of rest from the 23,30 at 8,30 o'clock and from the 14,00 at 16,30 o'clock

Forbidden to make to sleep a greater number of people of the

declared in the module.

Composition of the three apartments:  1 matrimonial room, 1 room with beds in castle, 1    couch read in the kitchen habitable 2 plazas in the two apartments and to 1 plaza in the other.

Bicycles to application if available, the management and the maintenance of the bike     it is to total care of the tenant.

You invites alone to the closing of the curtains and of the electric windows during the     night and in case of maltempo to avoid damages.

No animals (even if we love them)

Use of the barbecue is to arrange with the other guests, it delegates the use to the     adult solos with the charcoal use of firewood and specific products.

The tenant is directly responsible than taken in management together with the      immovable property, directly answering for due damages to improper use.

The apartments must be freed within the hours 10 of the last day of     permanence, possible variations are to discretion of the Landlord


How much suitable it doesn't constitute contractual base but it is purely indicative and subject to variation without notice